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Operating A FrontPage Website

Updated - 10/24/2002

The FrontPage hosting extensions are a collection of software modules loaded on a web server that enable a web hosting account to use the advanced functions of a FrontPage website. If you want to use FrontPage publishing and site management tools, have the ability to manage web and subweb permissions, publish only changed pages, or use any of the FrontPage bots, you need a host with FrontPage extensions installed.

The data transfer between a client computer and a web server containing FrontPage extensions uses the same communication protocol that web browsers on a client computer use to interact with a web server. Because of this, no file-sharing access on the web server machine is needed and neither FTP nor telnet access is required.

Basically, this all means that a hosting account with FrontPage extensions allow you to completely manage your website directly from the FrontPage software.

What Do FrontPage Extensions Allow You To Do?

When FrontPage hosting extensions are installed on a web server, FrontPage-extended web administration and authoring functionality are available from any computer that has the FrontPage client, whether the computer is on the Internet or on an intranet:

  • Author FrontPage-extended webs - This includes automatically maintaining hyperlinks, generating and maintaining navigation bars across all pages, and automatically formatting pages to give them a polished appearance. Managing sites with FrontPage hosting extensions is quick and easy.
  • Add functionality to your website - This includes interactive discussion groups, hit counters, search forms, etc. FrontPage simplifies the process of adding these functions for users with little knowledge of how to set up dynamic features on their website.
  • Administer FrontPage-extended webs - This includes setting permissions for authors, administrators, and website visitors. For those managing permissions on an organization's website or intranet, this capability is highly valuable and will save time spent on web maintenance.

The design of the FrontPage hosting extensions and FrontPage software minimizes the need for time-consuming file transfers over the Internet. Also, you get to use FrontPage features instead of more time-consuming processes, such as configuring CGI scripts, learning how to use SSI, or setting up additional third-party programs for web chat, etc. If you know how to use FrontPage, you can avoid such additional tasks.

Don't Forget To Activate Your FrontPage Extensions

Ok, you've purchased a web hosting account from a provider that listed "FrontPage Extensions" as one of their account features. You're ready to get started and you try to upload your site. The username and password are correct, but it just won't work!

This situation causes many people to cancel their hosting accounts and quickly ask for their refund. The truth is many account owners don't read their hosting provider's initial instructions concerning activating FrontPage extensions. This information can easily be found in your "Welcome Email" or in the web hosting provider's support FAQs pages.

Activating FrontPage extensions takes just a few clicks and a short wait. Typically, they are activated simply by logging into your account's control panel and turning them on. Some providers require you to email them so that one of their web server technicians can do it (don't ask me why). In either case, you will need to wait some period of time after activation to allow the web server to update, usually an hour or so.

Remembering this step will save you much delay and frustration when first setting up your FrontPage website.

For a list of hosts supporting FrontPage extensions, please view our Comparison Chart.

If you'd like to read some more helpful articles on choosing a low cost hosting provider, then please return to our Hosting Guides section.

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