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What Is ColdFusion Hosting?

ColdFusion is a programming language based on standard HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) that is used to write dynamic web pages. It lets you easily create pages dynamically that differ depending on user input, database lookups, time of day, and other criteria. ColdFusion pages consist of standard HTML tags combined together with CFML tags.

When a page in a ColdFusion application is requested by a browser, it is automatically pre-processed by the ColdFusion Application Server. Based on the CFML contained in the page, the Application Server executes the application logic, interacts with other server technologies, and then dynamically generates an HTML page which is returned to the web browser.

ColdFusion Hosting - Locating A Provider

With a ColdFusion hosting account and Macromedia's ColdFusion MX, website owners can build rich Internet applications that integrate with databases, XML, web services, Macromedia Flash, and more. ColdFusion MX empowers developers with a productive scripting environment and integrated search and charting capabilities.

  • Easy CGI - 100 MB of Storage Space, 5 GB of Data Transfer, 10 POP3 Email Addresses, MS Access Database, No Setup Fee, $7.96 / month.
  • Uplinkearth - 200 MB of Storage Space, 3 GB of Data Transfer, 15 POP3 Email Addresses, MySQL and MS Access Databases, $9.95 Setup, $8.10 / month.

Using these provider's ColdFusion hosting capabilities, your website is deployed on industry-standard operating systems and can harness the power of the Java and .NET platforms with ease.

How Is ColdFusion Hosting Beneficial?

If you are building straight-forward database driven sites, then CF is a great way to go. It lets you crank out pages and pages that are database-driven faster than any of the languages out there. Performance is very good too. It is available on Linux, Unix and Windows, although almost every Windows host will have CF available while low-cost Unix/Linux hosts typically do not (due to the price).

Creating an application with ColdFusion is as straightforward as creating a static HTML website. However, in a ColdFusion application you can introduce an incredible range of functionality that is not available either in static websites or in traditional client/server applications. CFML gives you the ability to:

  • Control the behavior of your website applications
  • Integrate a wide range of web server technologies
  • Dynamically generate the content of your website

One primary reason many website developers choose ColdFusion is because it is so easy to learn. Most developers with HTML skills find ColdFusion's tag-based scripting language extremely intuitive. CF has a faster learning curve than most other languages. Despite the fact that CF is simple to learn, it is also extremely powerful.

ColdFusion MX - The New Standard

Macromedia has released a new version of CF in 2002. It is part of their new MX suite of integrated web development products.

Read more about CF MX at the Macromedia ColdFusion MX Product Site.

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